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At Boston Hockey Academy we have student athletes who range from the ages of 13 to 19 years old, who are relocating to Middlesex County, MA in order to attend The Academy of Notre Dame-Tyngsboro and BHA for the school year. Boston Hockey Academy’s billet program is designed to offer these student-athletes a “home away from home” during their time at BHA. A successful billeting experience is truly rewarding for both the host family and the player through the formation of a unique connection that lasts a lifetime. Billeting serves as a widely adopted housing solution across numerous hockey organizations, strategically situating players near renowned hockey hubs worldwide or tailored programs crucial for their developmental journey.

Billet families are carefully selected to ensure that they can provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for our student-athletes. The academy sets clear standards for billet accommodations to ensure the comfort and well-being of the student-athletes. These standards include requirements for private bedrooms, proximity to the academy campus, and compliance with health and safety regulations. Throughout their stay, both billet families and student-athletes receive ongoing support services from the academy. This support includes regular check-ins, access to counseling services, assistance with transportation logistics, and resources for academic tutoring or extracurricular activities. Clear communication channels are established to keep everyone informed and connected, including regular meetings, phone calls, email updates, and an emergency contact system.

Overall, the Billet Program at Boston Hockey Academy aims to create a supportive and nurturing environment that supports personal growth and athletic development for student-athletes both on and off the ice.

General Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations:

  • No more than two (2) student athletes should be housed with the Billet Family.
  • All adults living in the household of the Billet Family will be required to be registered with USA Hockey, and be in accordance with the policies of USA Hockey. Billet families must complete USA Hockey’s SafeSport Training, which includes a background screening. Proof of completion to the SafeSport training should be provided prior to the student athlete moving in with the Billet Family.
  • The Billet Family must provide a safe, healthy, inclusive, and communicative environment at all times.
  • Billet families and the Student Athlete’s family shall all sign an agreement with Boston Hockey Academy that they will comply with the terms and conditions of the Billet Policy, the SafeSport Code and the USA Hockey Safe Sport Handbook.
  • Billet families must provide the player with their own bed, closet/dresser, and acceptable access to a restroom/shower.


Does the billet family get compensated to provide housing? Yes, the student athlete’s family will pay $600/month to the billet family, in order to cover costs associated with housing, especially food/drink/laundry. Billet families are asked to provide three meals per day and snacks for their players. 

Is there a “typical” billet/host family? Host families are typically associated within the hockey community or The Academy of Notre Dame-Tyngsboro. These families typically understand each community well and will likely have similar schedules to accommodate a player. Host families may be two-parent families, single-parent families, and/or “empty nesters”. The common denominator is an ambition by the host family to make a difference in a student athlete's life!

Can a family host more than one player? Yes. Two, at most unless there is a circumstance agreed by all parties and USA Hockey. Housing two players typically works well so they can share transportation and provide company for one another.

Does the player need to have their own room? Yes. The player needs to have their own separate room containing a bed, closet/dresser, and access to a bathroom with a shower/and or bath. Two players can share a room but will need to have adequate space/living arrangements and separate beds, this will likely be a bunk bed or two twin beds. Players are responsible for purchasing bedding (blankets/pillows) of their liking. 

How long does a player stay? Players will arrive in mid-late August and will be expected to have accommodations until the last day of school in June. Exact dates will be provided once billet accommodations are set for the certain school year. Players are expected to return to their “non-billet home” during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.

What sort of meals should I provide to the student athlete who is living in my house? Players will coordinate with the billet family to collaborate on what meals work best for their needs. The player should recognize that most meals will be made in bulk for other family members, so it is expected for the billet family and the student athlete to collaborate on what meals are ideal for everyone. It is recommended that once a player moves in with a family, that they provide a list of common foods or meals that they enjoy. All meals should be healthy and nutritious. 

Who is responsible for the players' laundry? The player is responsible for their own laundry. The host family will provide detergent or other supplies with the monthly stipend and provide instructions on how they would like the player to utilize their washer/dryer. If the host family does not have their own machines, the host family is responsible for assisting the player to a laundromat (which is fairly unlikely). 

Can the player stay overnight at another location? Players are not allowed to stay overnight at another location, unless there is written permission from the players parents and is approved by Boston Hockey Academy prior to staying at another location. 

Do players have a curfew? Yes. Players are expected to be inside their billet homes by 8pm EST. Players are also expected to obey quiet hours set by the family’s household which is typically between 10:00pm–6:00am.

What services are not included by the billet/host family? 

  • Unlimited Food: Billet families are not obligated to provide an unlimited supply of food or snacks, nor are they expected to accommodate irregular meal schedules. Players must adhere to a reasonable menu and meal timetable set by the billet family. 
  • Non-Essential Items: The purchase of non-essential or personal items, such as clothing, medications, training gear, bedding, etc., is the responsibility of the players, not the billet families. 
  • Long Distance Telephone: Players are not permitted to make long distance calls using the billet host family telephone. Each player must use their personal cell phone or provide a calling card for long distance calls if using the billet host family phone. 
  • Electronics: Billet host families are not required to furnish televisions, telephones, stereos, computers, or any other electronic equipment in the player’s room. If the family chooses to provide such items, it is at their discretion, but not obligatory.

What rules does the player have to follow while under the billet household? Players must agree to comply with the house rules of the billet families, including curfews, chores/ cleaning, noise, communication on meals, etc. All parties will also agree to a billet policy that is provided by USA Hockey and one from Boston Hockey Academy. If there are any issues within a household, they should be communicated to the players’ designated coach and will be addressed in an appropriate manner. At the end of the day, we just want a safe and welcoming environment for everyone involved!

Email BILLET@BOSTONHOCKEYACADEMY.COM for any billet related inquiries

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