Boston Hockey Academy Partners with the Academy of Notre Dame

Boston, MA - 05/17/2023 - Boston Hockey Academy is excited to announce our partnership with the Academy of Notre Dame, an esteemed educational institution. This collaboration aims to provide enhanced opportunities for student-athletes seeking excellence in both academics and Tier 1 AAA hockey.

“The partnership between Boston Hockey Academy and the Academy of Notre Dame brings together two institutions renowned for their commitment to fostering student success. By combining their respective expertise, we aim to create a unique and comprehensive program that is committed to the development of student-athletes. The BHA Leadership Group and Board of Directors feel this school will fit with our growth, mindset, and long term success. Notre Dame provides a larger campus, smaller classes, and an understanding of educating student athletes.” -Nate Bostic, BHA President and 16U Head Coach

Through this partnership, student-athletes will benefit from a well-rounded educational experience, seamlessly integrating their academic pursuits with the highest level hockey in the US. The Academy of Notre Dame's rigorous academic curriculum will be complemented by Boston Hockey Academy's professional coaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and proven player development model.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the Academy of Notre Dame," said Jon Lizzotte, 15U Head Coach and Education Liaison. "This partnership will allow us to provide a great education and athletic experience for student-athletes. By combining our resources, we can offer a comprehensive pathway for young athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the ice."

The collaboration between Boston Hockey Academy and the Academy of Notre Dame will provide student-athletes with a supportive environment that promotes growth, discipline, and character development. It will offer a specialized curriculum designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of aspiring hockey players while ensuring a well-rounded education.

“We are excited to welcome the Boston Hockey Academy and their players to our school community next year,” said Dr. Vittoria Pacifico, NDA President. “The Hockey Academy’s keen focus to ensure that scholar athletes are educated to ensure a future beyond hockey is well aligned with NDA’s commitment to rigorous academics and our mission to prepare the whole person for life.”

Prospective student-athletes interested in joining the program can find more information by visiting the websites of Boston Hockey Academy ( and the Academy of Notre Dame (